Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top Ten Suppliers of Synthetic Biology Technology

Recent advances allowing for the better understanding of the ways in which living DNA creates the materials of life have opened remarkable new possibilities in materials science and chemical engineering. According to physicist Freeman Dyson, “The ability to design and create new forms of life marks a turning point in the history of our species and our planet.”
These advances also mark an economic turning point, creating a market vision of synthetic life forms and life processes tailored to produce specific substances. The desired yield of such substances as biofuels can be measured in millions of tons, whereas pharmaceuticals can be measured in grams or milligrams.
The door that is opening is likely to affect important markets for decades. Intense research and development continues to be both privately and publically funded, but the work has emphatically moved out of the laboratory and into the marketplace. Major corporations are putting new intellectual properties to work in new factories in the U.S. and abroad.
The players on this new field include new companies that come directly out of university research riding large holdings of intellectual property and established multinational giants that have the networks necessary to distribute and market the new materials.
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